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2018 Annual Report

Our work over the course of the year set the tone for our entire organization. How could we condense all of these accomplishments into one booklet?

Photo credit: Diana Paulson

What Was The Problem?

We needed a printed annual report to give to our Board of Directors, members, business partners, and community contacts that highlighted who we were as an organization and what we had accomplished in 2018.

How'd We Fix It?

In years past, our annual report read more like a list of accomplishments for the year. This wasn’t a bad thing, but we wanted to take this new opportunity to tell the story of how all of our work is connected. We also hoped to show our audience how our achievements related back to our organizational focus on social purpose.

I approached the content of this project from a storytelling perspective, as I often try to do on our social media channels. I focused on how the work at Lake Trust made a positive impact (both for our members and the state) and why we felt this was important to do. To continue this feeling of reading a story, we designed the annual report to be a spiral bound booklet. On the last page, we made a fold-out that discussed all of our community donations and volunteer efforts for the year.

What This Has To Do With Me

Our Leadership Team complies a document detailing all of the accomplishments for organization over the past year. This summary was then passed along to me. After reviewing the content, I created an outline for a printed report that highlighted our biggest accomplishments. I met with the Leadership Team to review the content and gain an understanding of how they hoped to use the printed piece.

I wrote and edited the content for the final report and worked with our Art Director to determine the best layout to tell our story.

Fun Facts

The annual report was printed with a four-color process with a flood gloss UV coating. The finished size was 6.5" wide x 9.5" tall. It was printed on recycled paper with white wire spiral binding.


Tepel Brothers Printing

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