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Here's the Scoop

We might not know each other. That's okay. Let's make our first meeting 

a little less awkward so we don't have to talk about the weather. Here

are a few fun facts about me.

Lover of Dogs

I love dogs. I started asking for a dog as soon as I could talk. My childhood wish was never granted. Now I have three dogs.

It's Abbie, With An I

I've only met one Starbucks barista who successfully spelled my name right on the first try.

Grammar Nerd

The ellipsis is my least favorite punctuation mark ... use it with caution.


Adventure Awaits

I loathe the cold but my favorite vacation took place in Iceland.


No Place Like Home

I really like houses and furniture. I once traveled 1,000 miles to rescue a set of 60-year-old chairs from an antique store.

Ball of Fire

My favorite show will always be 'I Love Lucy'.

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