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Website Copy For Rebranding

Finding information on the company website was nearly impossible. And the intimidating pages filled with copy didn't help. How could I use my copywriting skills to help improve our online presence?

What Was The Problem?

The company brand was evolving but the website didn't reflect the new brand look or feel. There were too many pages to navigate through and the page content could be very technical and hard to understand.

How'd We Fix It?

Overhauling an entire website seemed like an overwhelming task but we started with an audit of our current site. We found some outdated tools and pages and started to develop an outline of what pages we should include on the new site. After coming up with a rough outline (which included giving our investment services their own microsite), we started doing internal research to decide what experience we wanted to offer and learn more about how our users wanted to experience our digital service.

With a rough outline nailed down, we met with several internal subject matter experts to learn about their online pain points. Not only did we want to make our online experience better for our members, but we wanted our internal team to be able to navigate the site with ease. We also needed the knowledge and expertise of different departments to help fill in specific product details.

What Did I Do?

With outlines, sketches, and information in hand, it was time to get to work. For this project, I was the lead content creator and wrote custom copy for each page on the site. In succession with the website updates, we also developed a new online account opening process that would need additional content. No big deal, right?

After learning about the needs of internal subject matter experts, I was able to condense all of the product information into a more digestible format. I also used the body copy to inject a personality into each product. The product explanations were intentionally kept concise to help people understand how each product worked and how it could help them.

Breaking down complex information helps people understand how a product works and adds trust to the brand.

During this project, I worked with our Art Director, Graphic Designer, and UX/UI Designer to make sure that the content and images complemented one another and followed an encouraging, friendly brand tone. The bright colors and uplifting imagery added to the overall experience and reinforced the simplicity we hoped to bring back to personal banking.

In addition to the product pages, I also created copy explaining the benefits of credit union membership, how our culture works, and what the Lake Trust Foundation believes in and supports.

What Did I Learn?

To date, this still remains one of my favorite projects. I got my first taste of the difference between UI and UX design and the important role these practices take in creating an online experience. I enjoyed working with a new team to share ideas on how to make a website that was inclusive, approachable, and easy to use.

This experience also taught me how to use a page as a product storytelling opportunity. When doing research for this project, I saw many financial websites that put an emphasis on rates and product features. However, we determined that many people needed help simply understanding the basics of finance. Sharing specifics about what we offered was important, but I took this idea a step further and explained how each product could fit into a person's life.

See It For Yourself

Learn more about the project from an agency partner. Then check out the new website at


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