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ShopZoom™ Campaign

There's a new way to shop for a car without ever leaving home. How could we share this news?

What Was The Problem?

Lake Trust Credit Union wanted to raise awareness of their new options to find and purchase a car online and get financing directly through the credit union (vs. finding financing through a dealership).

How'd We Fix It?

The Brand Development team at Lake Trust (hey, that includes me!) took the concept of saving time and used that as our theme when creating campaign materials. We wanted to show members how much time they could save by turning to Lake Trust as a trusted partner during the car-buying process.

ShopZoom™ became the name of our new car-buying hub. On the campaign landing page, we outlined the three new ways a member could buy a car with short explanations of the new options. Our target audience was younger shoppers who might be buying their first 'adult' car and who would be more open to using a digital channel to make such a large purchase.

We didn't want to leave traditional shoppers out, however, so we added a reminder to the page to prompt members to get pre-approved with us before they started their car search. With an easy-to-navigate page, we were already instilling confidence in our users and setting the expectation of the short, easy process to come.

Landing page

Our research showed that people tend to start shopping for a new car every three years. In addition to the landing page, we also created a mailer and sent it to members who had an auto loan of 36 months or more with us.

I was asked to write a 30-second script for a campaign video that could be promoted on Facebook and Instagram. When writing the script, I wanted to humorously show the emotional process that people often go through when buying a car. Confidence quickly leads to frustration and defeat when people have to spend a day haggling at a car lot. With ShopZoom™, people finally had the option to spare themselves the agony of dealing with pesky salespeople.

What This Has To Do With Me

I wrote the content for all of the campaign pieces, which included the landing page, mailer, social media ads, and the video script. For the video, I went to casting sessions and helped select the actors who were used. The day of the shoot, I was on standby to make any last-minute script edits and I also gave directional input during production.

Video Credit

Production & Post Production Credit: Caffeine Soul Productions

Creative Director + Writer: Adam Wilson

Writer: Abbie Dyer

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