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404: You Might Be Lost

The company website error page was fun, but didn't reflect our new brand voice or look.

What Was The Problem?

When the organization website was redesigned a few years ago, my team had the opportunity to create a fun error page. This page aligned with our fun, lighthearted brand tone and offered a surprise to the user. Users could potentially navigate to this page from a variety of sources, and it was decided that the best solution for the call-to-action would be to point the user back to the homepage.

After the brand was reimagined a few years later, this error page no longer reflected the updated font, colors, look, or tone of the new brand.

What This Has To Do With Me

I was tasked with creating new content for this page that aligned with our empathetic brand tone. During the content and design update, I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind users of how we can help them. I understand that getting to a 404 page can be frustrating for a user, and I kept the tone uplifting and encouraging.

Page Redesign

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