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TV Commercial Script

What does buying a home have to do with Wes Anderson?

What Was The Problem?

Lake Trust Credit Union wanted to create awareness of their mortgage products.

How'd We Fix It?

My team and I created a multi-media campaign built around the idea that mortgages at Lake Trust open more doors in the community. Lake Trust does not sell the servicing of their mortgages, so more mortgage dollars remain in Michigan communities.

With this theme in mind, we decided that we wanted to create a video to help drive traffic to the campaign landing page. Shot in a Wes Anderson-eque style, we hoped to capture the dream-like idea of owning a home while also telling the story of why keeping mortgage dollars local is important. We promoted this video on Facebook and Instagram and aired it on television during live sports events.

What This Has To Do With Me

I co-wrote the script for this video, making sure the message stayed on-brand and followed the strategy. I also gave directional input the day of the shoot.

Who Did What

Production & Post Production Credit: Former Company

Creative Director + Writer: Adam Wilson

Art Director: Brian Paulson

Writer: Abbie Dyer


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