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Moved By Good Stories

The world is filled with bad news. We wanted to change that. How could we spread more stories of good and get our entire company involved?

Moved By Good was started to tell the stories of people in Michigan who are making a difference in their communities.

At Lake Trust Credit Union, we kicked off a social purpose initiative in 2017. This means that each member of Team Lake Trust is encouraged to find ways to integrate the idea of giving back into their work each day. This initiative also means that we are looking for ways to help people meet their basic needs, as well as their financial needs.

We understand, however, that social purpose is a collective effort to change the world for the better. So instead of focusing just on our efforts to give back, we wanted to find a way to pay tribute to other people in Michigan who are helping their communities. We created a brand for this movement called Moved By Good to explain the internal shift that happens with a person gives or witnesses an act of giving.

What Was The Problem?

To help staff and members get involved with their organizational social purpose movement, Lake Trust Credit Union needed a way to educate and involve everyone.

How'd We Fix It?

I worked with the Brand Development and Digital Communications teams to build a microsite for Moved By Good. Our idea was to create a good news network and have the website serve as the hub to collect and share stories. On the site, we feature stories of people who are taking action in their communities to give back to the causes they care about. There is also a place for users to submit their own stories or nominate someone for a story.

What This Has To Do With Me

My role in this ongoing project is to contact and interview individuals who are nominated for a story. After an hour+ interview, I write a story about the individual or organization and highlight their efforts to give back to the state of Michigan. I often take the photos that go along with the article.

When a new Moved By Good story is published, I share it on the Moved By Good social media pages. I am also responsible for managing the Moved By Good social media pages.

Who Did What

Art Director/Website Designer: Brian Paulson

Graphic Designer: Chris Torres

Writer: Abbie Dyer

Project Manager: Caitlin Edwards

Marketing Strategist: Katie Callicutt

Front-End Developer: Zack Divozzo


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