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Print Booklet + Brochure

No one said that buying a new home was easy. How could we help people understand the process?

What Was The Problem?

Mortgage Center and Lake Trust Credit Union wanted more educational material about the home buying process.

How'd We Fix It?

For most people, buying a home is a confusing and intimidating process. Through the creation of this booklet and the corresponding campaigns, we hoped to break this stigma. People should feel confident in their decision to buy a home and we discovered that we could increase this confidence through education. We also wanted to show how approachable Lake Trust and Mortgage Center are during the entire mortgage process.

We identified first-time home buyers as our primary target audience. With the housing market gaining speed for the first time after the Recession, we knew that many people were eager to buy a home before prices skyrocketed again. However, our audience didn't even know where to start this detailed process.

We decided to create a printed piece that members could take home to read over. To add approachability, we used bright colors throughout the booklet and limited the amount of text on each page. The information was broken down into simple terms to make it easier read and digest. After the booklet was finished, we created a condensed version for a brochure.

We displayed the booklet in branches and received feedback from our staff that the different look of the booklet was a great conversation starter that led to potential leads.

What This Has To Do With Me

I received an outline of potential information that could be included in the booklet. I then organized the important points, condensed and edited the copy, and made sure the verbiage matched our brand tone.

Fun Facts

2016 CUNA Diamond Award Category Best: Miscellaneous

The mortgage booklet was printed with a four-color process with a flood gloss UV coating on the cover. The finished size was 8" wide x 10" tall.

The mortgage brochure was also printed with a four-color process with a flood gloss UV coating on the front. The final piece was 3.5" wide x 8.5" tall.

Who Did What

Creative Director: Jon Eslinger

Art Director/Designer: Brian Paulson

Copywriter: Abbie Dyer


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